(@ProteJOnTheBeat) is a Music Producer/Engineer/Artist hailing from the Inland Empire, CA. Born on March 7th, 1993 in West Covina, Prote-J was later relocated to Rialto where he spent the rest of his childhood. While he was always influenced by his father (Mista Grimm) while growing up , music was more of hobby that came second to his basketball dreams. That changed in the summer of 2006 while vacationing in Reno when Prote-J  was introduced to FL Studio. This was the first time he was able to translate what he had always felt inside into something other people could understand. During that summer his father forced him to listen to music of different eras and genres which made him appreciate music in a new way. Little did he know that would prove vital to developing "The Ear" he would need later in life. Upon returning home back in California, he spent the next few years maturing his talents and trying to balance his new found love and school life. Finally, after basketball season his junior year, he decided not to return for another and commit to a life of music.  Since, Prote-J has continued to evolve his talents in beatmaking and expand his potential by attending and graduating from nearby MI(Musicians Institute) in Hollywood where he majored in audio engineering. While attending MI Prote-J was led to Brandon (One-Six) Walker, another I.E artist in which he was impressed with from day one. Finding themselves in a bad situation with other aspiring artists they, along with Young Ceno,  decided it would be in there best of interests to break off but stick together and surround themselves with like-minded artists; Thus, forming what is now BlaQ Kennedy.  Now, at the young age of 20, he possesses the tools necessary manifest his own destiny. Together, with One-Six and the rest of the BlaQ Kennedy  alliance he plans to leave his name behind as one of the greatest.  Some of Prote-J's work to date include the production and engineering behind fellow BlaQ artists albums 'Promise', 'Cold Nights Long Grinds', 'Gone Fishin', & BlaQOut.