Jabre Trawick (Born March 7th, 1993), also known by his stage name Prote-J, is an American music producer, engineer, and recording artist. Born in West Covina, raised in the Inland Empire, he has made quite the name for himself as a triple threat. He first garnered interest in music  at the age of 13 when he was introduced to FL Studio. After spending the next 5 years honing his skills in beat making, Prote-J decided he would pursue a serious career in music. Upon graduating high school he immediately enrolled in the nearby Hollywood based campus of Musicians Institute as an Audio Engineer. A year later he graduated from the Musicians Institute, earning the title of a Licensed Audio Engineer while acquiring new skills to add to his repertoire. Choosing to stay behind the scenes, Prote-J then went back home to the Inland Empire to work with local artists as a producer and engineer

Eventually he would meet an artist by the name of One-Six, and they would later, along with Young Ceno and JMusiQ establish a company they called Blaq Kennedy. The four of them spent about the next 2 years pushing each other to grow as artists, and businessmen. During that time period, they were able to accomplish some impressive feats, including the release of the group project 'BlaQOut', a project in which Prote-J showcased some of his lyricism for the first time. All the while, One-Six and Prote-J were working on SCBS, Six's debut album featuring a heavy dose of production and engineering by Prote-J. Shortly after the release of SCBS, the members of Blaq Kennedy set out to expand each in their own unique ways. 

Today, Pro still works diligently creating beats and mixing and mastering entire projects for artists. However, he has now began to reveal his talent as a writer and is working on some solo projects of his own. In 2015, he started his own record label/production company "The Providers", an Indie label with the intentions of developing fellow upcoming artist, and providing them with a platform in which they will be heard and seen. Together with childhood friend Maserati Shawty, he also coined the phrase from "Local To Global", a rallying cry for all upcoming independant artists alike, as well as the name for his upstart clothing line. 

Taking all of life's lessons thus far into account, Prote-J strives to be the best he can be, a master of all trades. There is no limit for this young entrepreneur. Now 23 years old, he is barely getting started.

*Currently he is in the process of releasing his first solo project entitled "The Prototypes" dropping a new single every Monday throughout the entire Spring season. Stay up to date with the latest news and event @ www.ProteJOnTheBeat.com.